Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My comment on the USPS

I plan to make a habit of putting a message and image of EVERY card I send to whomever I send it from this day forward. Why, you ask? Other that the obvious “need to share”, the REAL reason is the USPS (United States Postal Service.) Now, I like the Post Office…while all that “Neither snow nor rain nor heat” stuff is great; and in view of the fact that my father retired from the USPS way back in the day when I actually bought ROLLS of stamps…it leaves a little bit to desire when it comes to MISSING MAIL. Every holiday card I mailed in 2007 was received by the intended recipient – except for one. Yep. You got it. One stinking card is MISSING and it was to my friend Joanne. We waited, waited, and even watited to see if it might be found in the Valentine’s Day "Mad Mail Rush" of 2008. Alas, the card has NEVER been delivered. Hence, my new habit.

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