Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey - I'm Better

Yep - my mom took real good care of me and I am not sick any more. I have to be a bit careful not to get the sniffles again though, and I WILL be VERY careful. Kitty buggies are no fun. When my mom took me to the Vet, he showed her how to blow my nose...YUCKS to the max...So, here is one of the pics from my latest foto took them this morning. See everyone...I DID grow into my ears. I weigh 4 pounds now, and I used to weigh 2.6 pounds. YIPPEE. Oh, yeah, the other ladies in this post are my big sisters. Kleopatra and Petunia. That guy is Willie T. He is the BEST big brother around. Kleo is very snooty, but I do get along with Petunia - as long as she lets me. Thanks for all the get well wishes, too. Later, Sam

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My little baby Samantha

Today I am so bummed out. My baby kitty Samantha has the crud. Bug. Cold. Head congestion. Poor little thing, her nose is running and she has clogged sinus cavities that I can't seem to clear them up. Our vet says it is a viral infection and has to run the course. Just like humans. Since we have 8 fur babies, it's like a little runny nose and they all get it. Yep...she us the last one to get it. But she is so small, it's just killing me to watch her. But, she is a tough cookie and will be just fine. Unlike's so sad to watch her breathing with her mouth open...not geting a full portion of sleep...will keep you up to date...thanks for listening.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabulous Purse and Cards for my Swap Sister in New Zealand!!

I love how this project turned out. The cards match the purse, which, by the way, is a Becky Roberts knock-off. Ooooo...just like the big city and the trunk sales...only this is legal...LOL I really hope Anna likes it.