Monday, October 19, 2009

It is here! It is here! (Almost) Get ready to experience the next wave of fun…The Digital Age...My Digital Studio – oh my goodness – you are not going to believe your eyes and what they are seeing on your own monitor. With this fabulous software, you will save money like never before. Remember my motto: “Why print it twice, when you can print it once”…makes sense if you give it a moment. For everyone the advantages to MDS are:
  1. For those of you that are not ready to take the next step, you can plan what your project will look like with various colors and embellishments, before you get out your materials.
  2. MDS uses Stampin' Up's exclusive colors, stamps, and embellishments. Nice! No guessing!!
  3. A great selection of digital stamps come with the program, and more will become available through downloads.
  4. You can print your creations at home – in jour jammies if you like! or you can have them professionally printed through our vendor.
  5. Scrapbook pages can be printed individually, or
  6. You can have an entire book printed and bound.
In addition to scrapbook pages, you can print cards and calendars--perfect for gifts! Come on, fess up…did you ever go on a trip and come back with more pictures than moments in the actual trip? Go ahead, you can say yes, because I have done it myself. No problem for MDS… just pop the photos into the pre-designed layouts, add some text journaling and – The End. Just as if you spent hours and hours on the project by hand. Hybrid it up with some embellishments after it is printed and you are good to show off your vacation scrapbook. Really. It is that easy. I am in the process of becoming a Certified My Digital Studio Demonstrator and will walk you through every step of the way in creating your very own My Digital Studio project. Watch for its arrival on October 1, 2009. Schedule your next party for October, November, or December and have a chance to earn the MDS Software for HALF PRICE… Go to my website and email me to schedule your next gathering and watch for the samples…

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Introducing Samantha...our newest little furbaby

Isn't she just the cutest? Spent the week on the beach with me making cards, scrappin, taking naps. Yep...she helped make kits, ate fresh salmon, watched CSI NY and kept us up all night because she still hadn't figured out that we really nee sleep. Later