Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Introducing our newest furbaby - Miss Kleopatra!

Okay. This is the last one. I have grounded myself from PetSmart and can not go in that store alone EVAH!! I just couldn't help myself. Look at this little girl's face. She and her 6 siblings were just brought to the local PetSmart where I went to get food for our OTHER 6 "I can't help myselfs'" that we have. I told myself...don't do it...walk away from the kitty kounter...stay on the fish side of the store. NOT!! Wrong! As I walked by, there was all this commotion on the bottom of the cage, and there they were...all 7 of them. Of course, Kleo was the cutest and the most rambunctious of them all. I was only going to hold her, make friends and mosey on my way. Yeah, like that would ever happen. She kissed me and was so sweet and soft...barely could hear her purr...couldn't put her back. 20 minutes later, we were toolin' down the street toward the house. Knowing full well that I had to invent the BEST story ever...pretty hard since I had already invented the last 4 Best Stories ever...but...when Bill came in, Kleo became his Father's Day present!!! Ha! And it worked. He loves her, too. She is perfect in every way. Even Miss Petunia is warming up to her, but a bit slower that the others. Willie, he's the oldest "dad-like" cat, thinks she needs a bath every time he walks by her. Miss Daisy, the oldest "mom-like" cat, watches over her like she is her real mom. The others have adopted her into their circle of cats pretty well. Lil Cesar thought she was a chew toy for a few days, but they are buds to the end now. Thanks for listening!!

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