Saturday, July 26, 2008


It's Friday night, and I have just completed my 4th album that I will be taking to Italy with me. We are in the countdown stage now...75 days. See the timer to the right. I am teaching at a local Italian scrapbook shop that is owned by Deborah. Go to her blog with this link. Several months ago when we decided we were going back to Italy on our annual vacation, I went online to search out scrapbook shops that I could visit while in Italy. Just to see them and perhaps they has something that I couldn't get in the USA. I was shocked to learn that scrapbook supplies and the such are not as readily available in Italy. In Europe, for that matter. Deborah's store in Rome caught my eye and in emailing her for the location and contact information, she visited my blog and was thrilled that I would come to her store and asked if I would be willing to present to her customers something from my treasure chest. What? Was I thrilled? To say the least...we have had many emails over months, and as it gets closer to the time we will be leaving, the anticipation is there. It seems that she opened the store to "add equity to her marriage"...the literal translation to her comment. From the blog and website, it looks like a lovely shop, and she looks like a lovely lady. I am certainly going to enjoy myself. And, maybe pass on some creative vibes along the way. This is our second trip to Italy. My DH has been bitten with the travel bug, and is counting the minutes. Our agenda is full to the point that it is brimming over the top...we have a car, a laptop, the Internet and several maps of the country. Reservations for an audience with the Pope, reservations to see The Last Supper and tickets to the museum to see David. Check back to see pics and read about our travels across the Roman countryside. Or, my plea for help should we get mixed up with the driving rules and end up in "el jail-o"...Later, Liz

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