Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I LOVE Italy...Can't wait to go back.

What a fabulous time Bill and I had in Italy. A car and a suitcase from city to city is THE way to go. Highlights of this trip - it's our second trip to Italy...teaching in a real Italian Scrapbook Shop with some of the most wonderful ladies ever...climbing Mt. Vesuvius 'til I thought I would die...finally seeing The Leaning Tower of Pisa and knowing that Bill climbed to the top...The video promises to be very exciting...being a part of the Audiance with The Pope...what a thrill that was...standing up close and "in person" to the REAL Statue of The David - how awsome was that you ask??? The awsom-ist!! Seeing the actual fresco of The Last Supper - how sad it is beautiful it is...driving 100 miles an hour on the Autostrada (NOT a highlight of mine, but Bill sure had fun!!)...the food...oh, the food...can not be described. It has to be experienced!! And we did our share of experiencing the food, too! The countryside, the smells, the people, the thrill of it all...tbc...

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