Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#2 - 363 To Go - Don't They Look Cold?

Shot this pic on the way to the office...these birds are always in my yard, and this day they looked really cold, and searching out the food in unison. Of course, I stopped, went back in the house and brought out the rest of the loaf of bread and crumbled it up on our front yard. Hope these birds like bread. Cuz, it better be gone by the time Bill gets home, or my ass is grass for using the best part of the bread for bird food. AND...I caught a glimpse of 'Lil Miss Samantha checking me out - quizzed look on her face...what is my mom doing with those weird things with the long legs??? Her little bitty pink nose stuck on the window...kitty nose smears for sure to clean off the picture window when I get home. LOL

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