Monday, January 11, 2010

#1 - 364 To Go - OK - I am late already

I have seen some bloggers and their 365 Picture Of The Day Blog Postings and find them to be V-E-R-Y interesting (insert the little dude from the long ago Laugh-In Show) and am going to give it a whole hearted attempt. I do have the shots, and since the holidays are over, I probably have time to edit them and post 'em up for you to see...stay tuned...hope you enjoy!! #1 - 364 to go! Samantha the Stampin' Up! Sponge Thief - we find these things all over the place. In the shoes, in the shower, and just last night, we found one in the drum room by the base drum - who would have thought she'd go near that thing!! LOL...alas, where Bill goes, Sam's piteeful, but true.

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